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It’s been fun.


After 15 years of creating web sites and creative projects for some truly wonderful people, Eclectic Studios, Inc. went out of business on 12/31/2012.


To our clients and friends.

For our clients who rely on us for hosting, it will be uninterrupted and managed by Version2, LLC—A company created by Dan Johnson.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact at their new position.

version2 - Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson
Mad Scientist
PO Box 30552
Cincinnati, OH 45230

ideopia - Curt Staubach

Curt Staubach
Director of Interactive and Web Development
4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45245




Legal Notice: Eclectic Studios Incorporated Dissolution Notice

NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION PURSUANT TO SECTION 1701.87(B) OF THE OHIO REVISED CODE OF ECLECTIC STUDIOS INCORPORATED. Pursuant to Section 1701.87(B) of the Ohio Revised Code, notice is hereby given that Eclectic Studios Incorporated, an Ohio corporation (the “Corporation”), has elected to dissolve and wind up its affairs, and that a Certificate of Dissolution will be filed by the Corporation in the office of the Secretary of State of Ohio on or before December 31, 2012. All claims shall be presented in writing and shall identify the claimant and contain sufficient information to reasonably inform the Corporation of the substance of the claim. The address to which the claimant must send the claim is PO Box 30552, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230. The Corporation must receive the claim no later than sixty (60) days after the date of this notice. The claim will be barred if the Corporation does not receive the claim by the deadline. The Corporation may make distributions to other creditors or claimants, including distributions to shareholders of the Corporation, without further notice to the claimant. The act of providing this notice does not revive any claim then barred or constitute acknowledgment by the corporation that any person to whom the corporation sent notice is a proper claimant and shall not operate as a waiver of any defense or counterclaim.

Eclectic Studios Incorporated

By: Daniel L. Johnson
Its: CEO.